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Books by Helena Faucit
Books about Helena Faucit

Books by Helena Faucit

On Some of Shakespeare's Female Characters (1885) by Helena Faucit -
Extracts appear on my website. This book offers a revealing glimpse into the mind of an acclaimed Victorian actress, and the way in which she imaginatively interpreted and created Shakespeare's Female roles. Criticisms of the characters share space with her memories of her childhood introduction to Shakespeare and reminiscences about her many performances. A perfect introduction to Shakespeare's women in the Victorian period. This book is out-of-print.

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Women Reading Shakespeare 1660-1900 (1997 - Eds. Ann Thompson & Sasha Roberts) -
This contains abridged versions of Helena Faucit's writing on Ophelia, Portia, Desdemona and Imogen from On Some of Shakespeare's Female Characters , and is the only in-print reproduction of Faucit's writing that I know of. This is also, however, an excellent anthology of writings about Shakespeare by women from the earliest examples to the 19th Century. The first ever critical essay on Shakespeare was by a woman (Margaret Cavendish), and heads this wonderful selection. It also includes abridged extracts from Anna Jameson's Characteristics of Women (extracts also appear on my website) from her Introduction and essays on Portia, Helena, Hermione and Cleopatra, and the work of many other women writers.

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Books about Helena Faucit

A Life of Helena Faucit : Lady Martin (1900) by Theodore Martin -
A biography of this acclaimed Victorian actress, written by her husband. This book is out-of-print.

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